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Saturday, April 21

New Site

The new site is up and you should check it out NOW!!!. Just head over to
It's still a bit rough but the links are good. The past shows are linked on the front page and you can follow a link to past shows if you're trying to catch up. Leave some feedback and let us know what you think of it all.

Thursday, April 19

Monday, April 16

WoW Addons Episode 34 (Audio Only)

*** Audio Only***

Well here we have episode 34 and with it we bring happy days. Well happy RP days. We just had an RP wedding over the weekend on Saturday the 14th. I, as Punchbowl, wed Nobleadela to Manthra and Ixxi to Bloddyloc. It was a great turn out in Silvermoon City that followed by an even better reception. Thanks all that made it. You can check out some pics of the event at

We decided to record the show during our party and our guild mates being the cool people they are let us record the show and stay on the hush hush as they partied. The newly weds join me as Manthra covers MyAddons, Nobleadela talks about BattleCry, and I wrap up with SizeUpGizmo.

Just as fair warning the end of this show gets a bit loud as since everyone isn't muted they all give a big goodnight from the dance floor.

*** Audio Only ***

Monday, April 9

WoW Addons Episode 33

And here is your video edition. Not much more to say other then enjoy.

Friday, April 6

WoW Addons Episode 33 (Audio Only)

***Audio Only***

Episode 33 is up now and we only the usual thanks for donations and complete randomness of us. But that doesn't prevent us from doing the show. Enno helps motivate you while you're killing mobs with Killz2Lvl, Lumid talks about the DynamicRepBar, and Lorim talks about the very important addon called GroupCalendar.

Every one in the mucha esta akey guild should make sure to download group calendar. Also if you're feeling generous make sure to donate via the link. And you're feedback is always welcome.

***Audio Only***

Sunday, April 1

Paranoia Reaches A New Level

I was cruising the wow home page and saw this. I just had to post it. Man engineers are going to be making some money for sure.


WoW Addons Episode 32

The video version is now up and I try out some new encoding. The size of the picture should remain the same while the size of the show should be smaller. Let me know if this helps on download size and is still a good quality image.

Friday, March 30

WoW Addons Episode 32 (Audio Only)

*** Audio Only ***

Here is Episode 32, audio only. And in this show we give thanks to those that have already donated to the show because now we are getting our own domain, yay. I can't give you the URL just yet since the site is being worked on and tweaked. I hope to have it ready and have the feed directed towards it by the time we record Episode 33.

In the mean time the show will still go on and be posted here. So in Episode 32 Enno isn't available but you can leave a message with Answering Machine Plus, Lumid is ready for his close up with CloseUp, and Lorim keeps the money coming in with part 2 of her Auctioneer series.

Good show over all and we all hope you enjoy it. Make sure to give us suggestions for the new site and if you'd like to keep us on the web then by all means donate via that button up there.

*** Audio Only ***

Sunday, March 25

WoW Addons Episode 31

And here is the video edition of Episode 31. Enjoy the crisp beauty of addons.

Saturday, March 24

WoW Addons Episode 31 (Audio Only)

***Audio Version Only***

Episode 31 is out and we make a few opening announcements like the fact that we are looking for donations from you the viewer to help support the show's future plans. We'd like to set up a new site on our own domain to start with and your funds would be welcome so if you like what we're doing then click the donate button on the right.

The addons we cover this time around are sure to prove helpful. Lumid covers SpamSentry that'll help fight the gold spam problem in-game, Enno gives you a reason to fight hordes of mobs to that mine node way in the background with GatherSkillNeeded, and Lorim takes you to the auction house with an in depth starting look at Auctioneer.

Make note that this is the audio version and the video one will follow soon. Keep sending in your feedback and we'll see you in-game.

***Audio Version Only***

Friday, March 23

Support For WoW Addons Is Brought To You By...You

Just wanted to make a quick note that you can now donate to the show and we all hope that you will so that we can continue to bring you quality entertainment, or whatever you call it. We'd all like to thank you in advance for any generous donations you give us.

Friday, March 16

WoW Addons Episode 30

Video is up now and ready for download. It's a larger file but you'll notice a much better quality in the video. Hope you all enjoy it.

Thursday, March 15

WoW Addons Episode 30

Yay! We've made it to the big 3-0 and we continue to change. You'll notice that there is two links to the show in this posting. First will be the audio that will go up sooner then the video due to ease of editing. And yes the video will be soon to follow. There won't be much of a difference aside from the size of files and lack of video in one. You'll be able to still get them both in the same feed and it'll just make getting the content easier.

So what content did we bring you this time? Well Lorim, not satisfied with messing with your map, goes after your mini map with SimpleMiniMap while Enno gives the shammys some love with Totemus and Lumid furthers the in-game pride and gloating with CritLine.

All of which are great mods so check them out and let us know what you think.

Friday, March 9

WoW Addons Episode 29

Episode 29 is out and turned out to be much better then the last. Oh and it's live, sorta. Atleast filmed in front of a live audience.

In this show Lorim tweaks your map with Cartographer, Enno makes chatting with babes easier with Chat Bar, and Lumid tosses out the old archud and brings in the new Perl Unit Frames.

This show was recorded over vent and I found the audio quality to be good so I didn't include any background music for it. Let me know what you think of that via e-mail or by commenting. Too make sure to place your vote on the survey with the post below.

Tuesday, March 6

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Saturday, March 3

WoW Addons Episode 28

Episode 28, the broken episode. We have all kinds of problems in this show. But the major one that you'll see is the lack of video after about 3 minutes. For some reason Fraps pooped out on us and we lost the majority of it. However Lorim had some footage from the past race event and I put that in. Too the clips for the addons are still in there. Hope you don't mind.

So what addons do we cover? Well Enno talks about playing in the dirt with Gemologist, I improve on HealerButtons with BeneCast, Lorim keeps her role playing going with Roleplaying Helper, and we have Wichdocta as our guest to show off FlagRSP2.

Look to the future to maybe have us recording live on vent so you can all listen as we screw everything up next time.

Sunday, February 25

WoW Addons Episode 27

Episode 27 is a bit of a different one. What I think will be a shorter show ends up being a regular one even though I only cover one mod and am by myself. I cover Guild Event Manager (GEM) and as you can tell I dig right into it. I covered this mod to help out the new guild set it up and better organize it but the mod is great for any guild looking to set up and manage events. Check it out and forward any questions you may have to or hit me up in-game as Punchbowl.

Tuesday, February 20

Event Notice Episode 1

Hey hey its event time. Lumid and Lorim sit down and talk about the up coming event for this Saturday, the 24th. Just a brief audio podcast to give you all the run down on the rules and what to expect. If you aren't already in the guild you can join by sending a message to Punchbowl, Nobleadela, or Manthra and we'll hook you up. We'll all be starting in Silvermoon City and looking forward to see you there.

Monday, February 19

Changing a few things.

As I'm sure you can see the blog is different. I felt that it was getting a little out of control and was looking to simplify it and clean it up. It may continue to change as I tweak it and try out new things. So please bear with me. Any feedback you have is also welcome in the comments section.

Thanks, Lumid

Sunday, February 18

WoW Addons Episode 26

Pop quiz! How do you stop a crazy mage from AoEing during the whole show? Easy! Make her record with her new Warlock alt! It's the same cast but with a new look. We've all started new alts on the Earthen Ring server and have helped form an awesome guild. Check out the Special Audio Podcast Episode 2 for more info on that.

Since we're now on a role-playing server Lorim decided to show off a mod that takes role-playing to the next level. DING, its MyRolePlay. Enno trys to pull a fast one on himself and decides to do Titan Panel, rather then FuBar. But he recovers and tells us how they are similar but that FuBar is actually better. Lumid helps your outland progression by showing off the Atlas addon called Atlas Outland Maps, submitted by Tre.

This show too comes in at a longer clip since some of our fellow guild mates join us for the recording and we all go for a swim in Silvermoon's fountain. Loads of fun and always full of good info for your addon needs. And if Mr. Plow would in fact like to marry Lorim then he can contact the show at

Tuesday, February 13

Special Audio Podcast Episode 2

Ok guys you've read about what's been happening with the guild but now you can hear about it. We sat down with Andrew from the to talk it all over and we dig into alot. We talk about the background and all the problems. Then address what the future of the guild will be. Oh and let us not forget the long list of people to thank and link to. They are as follows:

The Instance
Buzz Out Loud
Jawbone Radio

Too let us not forget the in-game names for all the key players:

WoW Addons Crew:
Lumid - Punchbowl
Lorim - Nobleadela
Enno - Manthra
The Instance Crew:
Scott - Dreadspine, Gerp
Andrew - Kaustic
Randy - Maui
Buzz Out Loud:
Veronica - Imriela
Jawbone Radio:
Len - Wiiremotus

Whisper any of them to get an invite to the guild. Oh and the guild name is: alea iacta est. What does that mean you ask? It means "The Die Has Been Cast."

We all look forward to seeing you in-game and having some fun with you all. Make sure to check back for updates as far as guild events go and updates.

Monday, February 12

Making a guild.

So a bunch of us podcasters got together on one of the servers and put together a guild. Someone had the audacity to report our name which came from an in game sound file. This disband us and now 24 hours later we're still having trouble making a new guild.

We were up to almost 100 people and now we only have a few names. We've talked with GMs over 5 times now and have yet to get a straight answer on any of our questions. What do you guys think of this new development? Leave a comment, can email us, or leave a post on the forums!


WoW Addons Episode 25

Hey look it's Episode 25 of WoW Addons. In this Episode we avoid all of Azeroth's population by recording on the mountains by the beach in Tanaris. Ooops, gave away the special location. Anyways it may be a different scene but its still the same group. And Lorim continues to show us how to waste mana with AoE. But she does talk about a useful mod called Scoreboard Summary that can help you in battle grounds. Enno teases us with what he'll be talking about in the next show but goes on to show how being a Warlock can be easier with a mod called Necrosis. Finally Lumid talks about the mod he uses to dope up his blades these days, called Poisoner.

We keep the shows come and ask that you keep your mods coming too. So send them in and watch as we present them.

Sunday, February 4

WoW Addons Episode 24

Hey look it's Episode 24 and we are filming on location in the Deadmines. Those nasty Defias try to stop us from bringing you this great show but Lorim comes to the rescue and burns them all with righteous fire. Too bad that fire is like a two sided sword cause Lumid and Enno get it too. However we can understand Lorim's fury when she explains her trouble with recent trade skill addons. So she covers Titan Guild and continues killing Defias. Enno goes for round two with TradesBar and updates us on the new support it offers for the Burning Crusade. Lumid bears through his trial by fire and talks about a simple mod called myClock.

It's an AoE madhouse and a solid show. Feel free to post in the forums and send in mods that you'd like to see in future shows.