Saturday, March 3

WoW Addons Episode 28

Episode 28, the broken episode. We have all kinds of problems in this show. But the major one that you'll see is the lack of video after about 3 minutes. For some reason Fraps pooped out on us and we lost the majority of it. However Lorim had some footage from the past race event and I put that in. Too the clips for the addons are still in there. Hope you don't mind.

So what addons do we cover? Well Enno talks about playing in the dirt with Gemologist, I improve on HealerButtons with BeneCast, Lorim keeps her role playing going with Roleplaying Helper, and we have Wichdocta as our guest to show off FlagRSP2.

Look to the future to maybe have us recording live on vent so you can all listen as we screw everything up next time.

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Jim M. said...

Me name be spelled Wichdocta, bruddamon! Tanks fo'lettn' me be onna da show, doh I brek it, me tinks.