Friday, March 9

WoW Addons Episode 29

Episode 29 is out and turned out to be much better then the last. Oh and it's live, sorta. Atleast filmed in front of a live audience.

In this show Lorim tweaks your map with Cartographer, Enno makes chatting with babes easier with Chat Bar, and Lumid tosses out the old archud and brings in the new Perl Unit Frames.

This show was recorded over vent and I found the audio quality to be good so I didn't include any background music for it. Let me know what you think of that via e-mail or by commenting. Too make sure to place your vote on the survey with the post below.


Jim H. Moreno said...

Yeah, dude, the audio sounded groovy from here, too, though I did miss the music. I'm gonna give Cartographer a try, it just may replace my MapNotes.

Dance, Nobleadela, Dance!

Auronani said...

Does the cartographer gatherer-like function work like gatherer reborn where it adds gathers from guildies too?

Lorim said...

no though i wish it did

Anonymous said...

Really hate to say it, but i really hate Cartographer.... it isnt showing instance bosses in the right places, and its not showing my guildies :(.