Tuesday, February 20

Event Notice Episode 1

Hey hey its event time. Lumid and Lorim sit down and talk about the up coming event for this Saturday, the 24th. Just a brief audio podcast to give you all the run down on the rules and what to expect. If you aren't already in the guild you can join by sending a message to Punchbowl, Nobleadela, or Manthra and we'll hook you up. We'll all be starting in Silvermoon City and looking forward to see you there.


Anonymous said...

Groovy, I'm there!

Jim / Wichdocta

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to Saturday.

Question: in GEM, it lists the starting time is 11am (eastern). Has the time been changed, or is this just a time zone thing? Just wondering.

BrCosmas / Sukkot