Monday, February 12

WoW Addons Episode 25

Hey look it's Episode 25 of WoW Addons. In this Episode we avoid all of Azeroth's population by recording on the mountains by the beach in Tanaris. Ooops, gave away the special location. Anyways it may be a different scene but its still the same group. And Lorim continues to show us how to waste mana with AoE. But she does talk about a useful mod called Scoreboard Summary that can help you in battle grounds. Enno teases us with what he'll be talking about in the next show but goes on to show how being a Warlock can be easier with a mod called Necrosis. Finally Lumid talks about the mod he uses to dope up his blades these days, called Poisoner.

We keep the shows come and ask that you keep your mods coming too. So send them in and watch as we present them.


Cebu From Earthen Ring said...

Is this supposed to be video? Because I'm getting nothing but audio

WoW Addons said...

I don't know where you downloaded it from or what you watch it in but I have downloaded it and watched it just fine in in itunes. If you use itunes i would suggest deleting the file and re downloading.