Tuesday, February 13

Special Audio Podcast Episode 2

Ok guys you've read about what's been happening with the guild but now you can hear about it. We sat down with Andrew from the Instance.net to talk it all over and we dig into alot. We talk about the background and all the problems. Then address what the future of the guild will be. Oh and let us not forget the long list of people to thank and link to. They are as follows:

The Instance
Buzz Out Loud
Jawbone Radio

Too let us not forget the in-game names for all the key players:

WoW Addons Crew:
Lumid - Punchbowl
Lorim - Nobleadela
Enno - Manthra
The Instance Crew:
Scott - Dreadspine, Gerp
Andrew - Kaustic
Randy - Maui
Buzz Out Loud:
Veronica - Imriela
Jawbone Radio:
Len - Wiiremotus

Whisper any of them to get an invite to the guild. Oh and the guild name is: alea iacta est. What does that mean you ask? It means "The Die Has Been Cast."

We all look forward to seeing you in-game and having some fun with you all. Make sure to check back for updates as far as guild events go and updates.


Anonymous said...

Hey dudes! Funny podcast! And admittedly, the first of yours I've listened to. Ya, I know, you can beat me up in WoW. Not to worry, I'll be catching more!

Oh, and I'm pretty sure Veronica spells her name Veronica... :P

Jim Moreno

Ryan said...

Punchbowl, what kind of name is that? Just kidding. This was a good supplementary podcast to the normal vidcasts. Thanks a lot and also to Andrew. I admit though it was weird to hear Andrew on your podcast. But it was good nonetheless.

- Palatinus, alea iacta est

Myless said...

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