Sunday, February 4

WoW Addons Episode 24

Hey look it's Episode 24 and we are filming on location in the Deadmines. Those nasty Defias try to stop us from bringing you this great show but Lorim comes to the rescue and burns them all with righteous fire. Too bad that fire is like a two sided sword cause Lumid and Enno get it too. However we can understand Lorim's fury when she explains her trouble with recent trade skill addons. So she covers Titan Guild and continues killing Defias. Enno goes for round two with TradesBar and updates us on the new support it offers for the Burning Crusade. Lumid bears through his trial by fire and talks about a simple mod called myClock.

It's an AoE madhouse and a solid show. Feel free to post in the forums and send in mods that you'd like to see in future shows.


NeuroMan42 said...

Love the train of doom.

Anonymous said...

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